June 10, 2022

How to Add VoiceOver to PPT/PDF for Free

How do I add audio to my PPT or PDF? If you want to add audio to your presentation or other documents, this article is the ultimate guide for you. Forgo complicated tools or the high cost of speakers and let this AI dubbing tool help you.

Section1. Three Easy Methods to Make Narrated PPT/PDF

PowerPoint and PDF are a type of written text format. The first step you need to take is to convert PPT to video.

Wait, don't look for a ppt-to-video tool right away, I'll show you how to do the conversion automatically in the steps of Section2.

There are three ways you can easily add voice output to a PPT or PDF file:

Method1: Enter the spoken text, Movio will convert the text to speech and make it voice over.

This is the most effective method. All you need to do is to input the narration you want for the presentation, but the voice effects are limited (more than 200 free voices are offered on the platform), and you can not use your own voice.

Method 2: Upload an audio file that you have prepared beforehand, Movio will automatically match the audio with the presentation.

This way you can get a voice-over with your chosen voice, i.e. you can use languages that are not available on the platform or use the sounds you prepared before.

Method 3: Record the audio online and Movio turns it in the voice over for the presentation.

This is also an effective method. You can set the voice to your own tones. However, you may say something wrong while recording, which will result in re-recording the speech.


Have you figured out which method you prefer? Here are the detailed steps for these three methods.

Section2. Easy Steps to Add or record audio to PPT/PDF for Free Online

Step1. Upload the PPT/PDF to Movio and it will be turned to video format automatically

Open Movio.la and click on the 'import PPT/PDF' button at the top right of the page

Drag your PPT file to the upload box

Notice: the format of PPT, PPTX, and PDF is allowed, and the file size is up to 20 MB. Compress it and upload it again when file size over 20 MB

Tips: If the PPF or PDF has multiple pages or slides, Movio automatically detects the content and divides the chapters into logical sections in the video, as shown in the following screenshot

Step2. Choose a dubbing method you prefer. Here are the detailed steps for all three methods

Click on the 'Add Speech' button at the top left of the timeline

Method1: dubbing by typing

If you want to do the setting by typing, you can enter the script in the text input field. To the right of the timeline is a "Pick a Voice" pop-up window where you can choose a different language or tone of voice.


1. Type your text in the input field and the language field on the right will automatically detect your language.

2. By clicking on the different scenes on the timeline, you can set each slide of the presentation individually.

3. Open the 'Subtitles' button and your dubbing will also automatically appear in the PowerPoint presentation as well

Method2: Dubbing by uploading an audio file

By clicking on the microphone icon, you will be able to switch to the audio input model, demonstrated in the following screenshot.

You will see the upload audio function for PPT on the left side above the timeline and the record VoiceOver function on the right side.

Choose an audio file or directly drag the narration file to the left era. The audio will be matched with the slide of the presentation you chose.

Notice: Each slide allows for a narration file without background noise for up to 60 seconds.


Method3: recording the voice-over online for your presentation

Click on the 'record' button to start recording a voice-over online for the clip of your choice

Click on the purple 'click to star' button to start recording the narration for PowerPoint

When the speech is complete, click the red button to end the recording of the narration.

If you are not satisfied, click on the 're-record' button, confirm and click on the 'confirm' button and the recorded audio will automatically become the soundtrack of your PPT.

You will then see a page showing the audio you have just recorded matching the PowerPoint clip you have selected.


Step3. Play the voice-over you created online, submit the PPT/PDF to get the results.

After successful submission, you will see the progress of the process in the Video category of the page. Once the process is complete, you can click the 'download' button to get the video you made.

Done 🎉 Are these three methods above simple enough to do the voice-over for PPT/PDF? With Movio, you can quickly and easily dub a PPT or PDF. You no longer need to search for a format converter or a professional voice actor.

The surprise is: when you select "characters" on the left side, a digital voice actor will be inserted into the video, speaking the text or audio you entered, with perfect lip-sync effects


FAQs of adding voice-over to Presentation (PPT/PDF)

How to convert ppt to video?

Once you upload the PPT from the web, Movio will convert it to video format and split the different slide sections for you automatically.

How to do a voiceover on PowePoint?

Type in the text for the voice over and Movio will automatically convert it to speech and match the PPT slides; You can also dub the PPT by recording or uploading audio files on the page

How to add audio to ppt?

Click the upload button on the right side of the page, select or drag your voice copy and it will be automatically added to your presentation.

How to record PowerPoint with audio?

Upload the PPT to Movio and you won't have to open the recording tool to get a video of the presentation. Click the microphone button on the timeline and you can start recording audio, and it will automatically become the audio of PowerPoint when you finish recording.


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