Use Movio to create an advertising video for pharmacy promotion


What are the tips for using Movio to create a pharmacy marketing video?


1. Upload your pharmacy images or videos to show the environment and storefront and let your customers easily find you.

2. Use various fonts and adjust their size or color to list your pharmacy name, logo, services, location, contact information, and hours of operation.

3. Use the frames or shapes to highlight your unique value, promote particular products, and attract the target audience.

4. If your pharmacy has an online website or services, remember to include your website address to make it easy for your customers to connect with you.

5. After generating your marketing video, you can share it on social media to better promote your pharmacy.

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How do I create a pharmacy advertising video with Movio?


Start with a pharmacy video template, and choose an AI spokesperson to introduce your pharma. Next, replace the static content with your storefront images or videos. Next, use the shapes, icons, and fonts to emphasize your health services, opening times, and contact information. Finally, submit to generate your ad video.

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How can I  share my generated video on social media or via email?


After your video is generated, you can click on the video to go to the details page. You can download to your device and then upload the video on social media or share it directly through Movio's page. Make sure you share the URL and customize your video before sharing.

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