Why create an advertising video for pharmaceutical marketing with Movio?


Why create an advertising video for pharmaceutical marketing with Movio?


Video marketing in the pharmaceutical industry is beneficial. It can help you convey complex medical information in an engaging, clear, and understandable narrative.

With Movio, you can upload your images or videos, reduce the text in the scene and select an AI voice across 20+ languages and diverse accents, and emotions as the voiceover to:

1) Describe a disease and how to treat it with the products your pharma company sells.

2) Present data and show the correct use or harm of a drug.

3) Introduce the products manufactured and demonstrate the emotional values of the pharmaceutical brand.

When you want to introduce your experts or customers, you can upload their photos and get the talking images.

For better emotional resonance, you can add background music to your video from Movio's music library or upload it yourself.

After generating the video, you can publish and share your videos via URL, email, or whatever method you choose and let more people know about your pharma brand.

Tip: Because there are specific laws and regulations, you must make your marketing video compliant, accurate, and fair, and do not push a sale.

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How to create a pharma advertising video with Movio?


1. Start with a pharmaceutical advertising video template

2. Choose an avatar and select an AI voice to do the voiceover

3. Upload some images or videos that reflect the products and values of your pharma brand

4. Use your logo, choose a font to show your brand and website at the end of the video again

5. Submit to get your pharma promotion video

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Can I use My Voice instead of an AI voice in the video?


Yes, you can switch to 'Audio Script,' upload your audio file in MP3 or WAV, or record your voice directly to make your voice the voiceover in the video.

For more detail you may visit: Tips For Creating Voice Over Videos Online

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