July 7, 2022

Tips for Featured TikTok video in ForYou Page (FYP)

How to get videos on TikTok for you page? In this article, you will get the answer to the latest TikTok algorithm, the key metric of high quality TikTok video, Dos and Don'ts of TikToker and five ultimate tips for getting your video matching with platform viewers.

How Does the TikTok Algorithm Work in 2022

How do you get your TikTok video on the For you page? Firstly, you should learn how the TikTok algorithm works, then it will be easier for you to create trending videos.

TikTok's recommendation algorithm mechanism follows the spiral up mechanism for traffic distribution, so the purpose of recommending videos is to make quality content to get maximum exposure.


Based on the above illustration, we can assume that when you get better plays at the first stage, then TikTok will bring the next stage of traffic to push your video.

The traffic range of TikTok's first exposure is around 300 audiences. If the video is very popular in this range, the algorithm will push it to the next level of traffic pool based on a series of metrics to achieve the goal of TikTok team to increasing APP DAU (Daily Active Users).

Attention: Here are the four most important metrics in TikTok's algorithmic weighting

You should always be aware that the percentage of videos that are watched in full is the key metric, followed by inducing viewers to share your video, third by leading viewers to comment on your video, and lastly by encouraging viewers to like your video.

The TikTok backend will score your video with the following formula: Score = Expected number of likes * Actual number of likes + Expected number of comments * Actual number of comments + Predicted user watching time * Actual user watching time + Expected whether to play * Actual whether to play.

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There are Eight evaluations of whether TikTok videos are of high quality that you should care about.

Four Do's on TikTok

How do you measure good TikTok videos? This relates to the following four indicators.

  • Whether the user plays the video
  • The average time users watch the video
  • The number of video likes
  • The number of comments on the video

As you can see from the above metrics, TikTok cares a lot about whether the videos it pushes are of interest to its viewers. 

Well, You should also pay attention to what video content TikTok will not recommend

Four Dont's on TikTok

There are four TikTok algorithm metrics that you should avoid being flagged for.

  • Video content with suspicion of plagiarism
  • Spam content
  • Videos marked as "not interesting" by many users
  • Harmful information or disturbing content

Here is the page of TikTok newsroom that illustrates how TikTok recommends video for you.

5. Win in the first 3 seconds, Capture the first glance

Since TikTok videos are viewed by swiping up and down, how do you get the viewer's phone screen to not swipe their finger up to skip your video as they scroll to it? Grab the user's attention in the first three seconds of the video!

You need to tell the viewer what the video is about in as little as possible 3 seconds, and using a question or exclamation as an opener will work better than a flat narrative.

Recommended tips: by adding text to the video canvas, choosing a rhythmic intro to the background music, introducing the opening scene with a real person, etc.

The graph above shows the churn rate for most videos, and you can clearly see that even for a 30-second video, it starts to pass users by the 5th second, with less than 30% of viewers actually watching to the end!

4. Shorter videos help increase the view rate

Note that most of the videos when TikTok was first launched were 15 seconds or less. Why? Because shorter videos are better for engaging users.

A video that explodes on social media is not the same as an hour-long lesson you listen to in class. Many people's attention spans cannot be fixed on one thing for long, so making fast-paced videos is better for helping you increase the complete play rate of your TikTok videos (which is a positive indicator)

Recommended tips: speeding up videos, cutting redundant clips, trimming a long video into multiple videos to post separately, etc... 

3. Consistent video contents,No language gap

Keep the content of your TikTok channel consistent. If your channel posts all videos about dancing, then don't suddenly post 'teach you how to use a digger' videos, which will confuse the TikTok algorithm.

More consistent content and channels are more likely to get traffic and even ad sponsors.

 The language of the video is equally important. TikTok pays a lot of attention to the consistency of your channel, IP region, video language and viewers' language. So please try to avoid pushing videos in different languages on the same channel.

When you consistently output videos in the same language and video topic, TikTok will bring you an unexpected pool of traffic, as shown in the chart below.


2. Steady release of videos, do not break

As a TikToker, you should tell the cold machine algorithm the fact that you will be a great creator for the platform. How to make the TikTok algorithm understand your sincerity? Posting content steadily is the key.

For example, when you post a video every Friday at 8pm, and in the long run, the TikTok algorithm will know that your channel is a potential quality creator because you will consistently output content on the platform.

1. Using storyteller to drive a video narration

I believe there must be many video content creators will encounter a dilemma: you do not want to put yourselves as the narrator of TikTok videos, you do not want to show your face in the video for some reason.

So currently most of TikToker just add voice-over to videos, but this solution is far from engaging users.


AI video editing tools can solve this challenge! Real people are more likely to get attention on the TikTok video. Well, if you do not want to show your face, try Movio!

You can generate a spokesperson video by simply typing or uploading audio.

You can choose to use a real person or an animated person as your video spokesperson (A-ROLL), which is very simple, and you will get a spokesperson video with matching mouth shape and with gestures and expressions, as shown in the following video.

If you are interested in the above tools, here is the link to this online tool for generating AI speakers.


Why do my TikToks not get on the For you page? Simply adding hashtag #fyp or #foryoupage is not enough, please don't be naive to believe in such simple and seemingly reasonable tips that don't actually help.

Following the above TikTok algorithm explanation, 4 positive indicators, 4 situations that should be avoided, and 5 tips for making TikTok videos can help you quickly increase TikTok's recognition of your videos, thus putting your videos into the traffic pool of pushes and allowing more viewers to see the videos you make. 

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