January 10, 2023

How to Create a Personalized Christmas Video for Free

Here's how you can create a personalized and free Christmas video for your loved ones using Movio.

Christmas Eve is approaching, festive decorations are everywhere, and people are more excited and cheerful than usual. Whether a business or an individual, they prepare to welcome this festival well.

If you're a marketer, you want to get your customers' attention and stand out from the crowd. The only way to do that is to create engaging videos.

And this will tackle another problem: spending a lot of time and money preparing Christmas promotional videos/images. In addition, due to design delays, you may also need to spend more time catching up with the best time for promotions.

So why give a Christmas AI video maker a try and create an eye-catching promotional video?

Moreover, The Christmas AI video generator can create personalized blessing videos to share with your customers, family, and friends.

Table of Contents

How to Create a Christmas video card with your face for free?

Christmas is the happiest time of the year. We tend to feel more emotional and giving during the holidays. Use Movio to create an amazing Christmas greeting video with your face in minutes this Christmas! Send greetings to loved ones with a personalized Christmas video card.

Step 1:Go to our Christmas video card generator page.

Step 2: Select a Christmas video card template

Movio provides many Christmas greeting video templates. In addition to the unique Christmas theme background, we also have multiple Santa avatars for you to choose from.


Step 3: Upload your photo to face swap

Click on the FaceSwap button and drop a photo, put your face on Santa to create a video card


Step 4: Write your Christmas wishes message

When you choose a template, you can see the greeting script we preset for you, and of course, you can also fill in your personalized script.


Step 5: Share your Christmas video card

You must fill in your email address. Then, we will send your Christmas video to your friend's email address.


Tips: Did you know that Movio allows your Santa avatar to speak multiple languages?

Movio supports  20+ languages and 200+ accents.  You can customize Santa's language to your marketing needs.

How to Create a Free Christmas Sale Video in Easy Steps?

Many customers spend a lot during the holidays because many businesses will launch special offers during Christmas. So the market competition is fierce at this time of year. If you want to stand out and attract new customers, the Movio - AI video generator can help you.

Step 1: Enter the Movio web app


Step 2: Select a Christmas sale video template

Movio provides a large number of Christmas sale video templates. In addition to different Christmas-themed backgrounds, we also offer Santa avatars for you to use in various marketing scenarios.

step-2-select-a-christmas-sale-video template

Step 3: Write down your Christmas promotion information

You can see the promotional script we preset for you when you choose a template. You can also customize your promotional script according to your products.


Step 4: Share your Christmas sale video

you can customize your marketing elements and click submit to get your Christmas promotional video.

step-4-share-your christmas-sale-video

Tips: Do you know that movio has 15+ Santa avatars?

To allow everyone to make better Christmas marketing promotion videos, Movio launches a limited Santa avatar during Christmas. Come and try it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Christmas Videos

Are These Christmas Videos Free?

Yes! Movio has a one-minute free credit for making Christmas marketing or greeting videos. Tips: 2x credits on all purchases from 12/09 to 12/31!

Can I make Santa Claus speak multiple languages?

Yes. Movio provides 20+ languages and 200+ accents, allowing Santa Claus to speak languages of different countries according to your needs.

Can I replace elements in the Christmas video template

To customize your Christmas video, you can select your favorite Christmas elements in Movio's element library.

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